jeudi 16 octobre 2014

Azawakh Dogs

Azawakh is a canine species native to Mali. First it was the kind that just grew up and lived in Mali.Azawakh Nation Tuereg treated like a family member. Eating and sleeping together. Until now Azawakh still alive and received the same treatment as humans.

It Have been used to hunt prey primarily in the pack. Azawakh when hunting is moved riding a camel along with the people, facing the hunt by conserving the physical strength. Hunting method is looking for prey first in the site of Hound species-specific excellent vision, is done in a very physical strength is required methods that can be Oimawashi intently prey in a pack if you find kill the place where it was weak and thereby exhausting. Therefore have been carried out thorough dog quality management, puppy is performed is born with the selection, Oinu that does not have a certain hair color, appearance and ability is go up to the candidate to be castrated and become adult dogs. And whether or not the test do castration become adult dogs is carried out, dogs could not pass this it is to be castrated. This has been maintained between dogs quality for thousands of years without breaking the stamina and appearance. In addition, female dog is not that is allowed to contraception in order to use for all breeding, for castrated Oinu are kept as pets or as it is used for hunting, is not it, such as killed.

Although there is a dog breed with excellent stamina that undisputed, Azawakh is a treasure of therefore Tuareg, in other regions because some family members did not be issued at all. However, by that saved the lives rogue male African elephant that hit the Tuareg in the 1970s to defeat the former Yugoslavia of doctors, number of horses Azawakh were sent as a thank-you. Is carried out breeding and brought back this dog in Yugoslavia, this of offspring went spread around the world. Then, Azawakh in 1981, has been certified to the FCI.


Because the head is small site hound dog species, but the legs and the tail has a long slim body, are well developed muscles in your body is well. Drooping tail with coat smooth coat of lop-eared saber-shaped, hair color is something that there is a white patch in the land of Rhett Brown, but also accept those of other hair color, such as in recent years that there is a white patch in the land of tea-based have been. The color of the eyes of the edge and nails is a jet-black. Withers height 58 ~ 74cm, in large dogs weighing 17 ~ 25kg, personality high pride, I hate bound by cool. In addition, there is a case where I would start a fight in an attempt to stand up advantage when gather in Azawakh each other or site hound each other. Very strongly to the heat, even faster speed which runs while having a tremendous physical strength, maximum speed record of when that participated in the dog race even climb to 65km. It should be noted that, because it is weak to the strong, but cold in the heat, there is a need to dress clothes during winter walk. Also a comfortable very durable and coat care, but because training for that and various trouble you to consume a very large amount of exercise is required, is a dog breed that can not be bred for beginners.

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